Pet Trackers

Pet Trackers have become an important addition for owners and families alike when it comes to the daily protection of their pets. All pet owners have felt that sudden panic when they think their dog has disappeared out of the back gate or their cat hasn’t come home for 2 nights in a row! Sadly for a large number of pet owners, when their pet is lost they may never see them again.


The GPS Pet Trackers track in real time, and you can monitor your pet’s location through your own Trackershop app. You can also set safety zone alerts, so that you will receive an instant text when your pet leaves any area (such as your garden).


It can only take a few seconds for your pet to become lost, and they obviously cannot contact you if they are in trouble. The GPS Pet Tracker means you can always locate your pet in the case of an emergency, meaning you will never have to feel that panic again!


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