Dementia Trackers

Dementia trackers have become essential safety tools when it comes to protecting those who are prone to wander. A GPS dementia tracking device provides added safety and independence, as well as peace of mind for family members.


Trackershop offer the widest range of dementia trackers for vulnerable individuals. Family members can now easily locate their elderly relative if they have become lost or disorientated whilst on their own or in unfamiliar area’s.


Dementia trackers are now being successfully used by families, care homes and charities to improve quality of life and increase safety.


Working with our clients and customers, we have developed a comprehensive range of GPS trackers for dementia protection from those that can be carried in pockets, bags and on belt loops to keyring trackers and now even small tracking devices that can be magnetically pinned to clothing.


Trackershop have ensured that there is a device suitable for any individual, allowing them to fully benefit from the protection that it brings.

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  • THE PRO POD 4: Small Personal GPS Tracker....


    • Small personal tracker. Ideal for lone workers, children and the elderly
    • Arrives ready to use
    • Access your private mapping panel, via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone
    • SOS alarm and alert settings
    • Free tracking app
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  • THE PRO POD 5: A Personal GPS Tracker With A Long ...


    • Small personal tracker. Ideal for infirm individuals, children and lone workers
    • Arrives ready to use
    • Private mapping panel, via desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone
    • SOS alarm and alert settings
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  • THE GPS DEMENTIA WATCH- For Vulnerable people Pron...
    • Real time GPS tracking
    • 2 Way phone
    • Free App
    • Long battery life
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  • GUARDIAN PRO: Attachable GPS Tracker For Vulnerabl...
    • Protection for those prone to wander/become lost
    • Magnetically attaches to clothing
    • Real time tracking straight to your phone
    • Safety zone feature
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