“For any business in any industry, the most important commodities are both time and money. Deploying GPS trackers for your fleet of vehicles and staff will drastically save you both. As the days, weeks, months and years roll on the savings that you make will be positively substantial.”

                                                      Alf Chapman- Director, London Brickyard LTD

In recent years we have seen large global companies majorly benefiting from integrating GPS fleet solutions in to their business. Being able to account for every movement and action of their vast fleet of vehicles means that they can use that valuable information to run in the most efficient manner possible.

When a company has hundreds and even thousands of vehicles on the road, this can add up to substantial savings every single day and will also help increase the earning ability of the company.

Being able to measure mileage, fuel consumption, cabin temperature etc has been majorly productive and have seen costs plummet as companies can run in a more efficient manner.

But what about businesses that don’t necessarily need to measure all the bells and whistles (or don’t even have a rear refrigerator to monitor)?


From plumbers with a fleet of 2-10 vans, car rental companies, estate agents and simply any business with company vehicles, the continuously proven fact is that, no matter the size of your fleet, being able to monitor and co-ordinate your vehicles and staff in field is invaluable to all companies.


The ProFleetman hardwired van and car tracker allows you to monitor, protect and co-ordinate your vehicles with ease, simplicity and heightened efficiency.

The Trackershop ProFleetman is perhaps the best solution for small businesses and companies with a small fleet of vehicles. This is because the Fleetman only provides the important information needed to monitor your vehicles during shifts as well as review their historical activity, for both work analysis and to ensure your vehicles are not being used without authority out of hours.

The ProFleetman is a cost effective alternative to pricey and complex fleet tracking systems that you may not feel are fully relevant to you and your business.



The ProFleetman is perhaps the quickest and easiest GPS vehicle tracking device to install.

If you are a company that has in-house mechanics, then it will take them approx. 15-20 minutes to install each unit. If you do not have an auto technician in your company, then any local mechanic will be able to complete the work quickly at minimal expense. Trackershop can also provide a mobile fitting service.


Trackershop provide the most advanced but user-friendly mapping panel available. All you need to do is log in to your private account and you will be able to monitor your fleet of vehicles in real time- all from one screen.

You will be able to see their location at any and all times, as well as review their speed and ensure they are taking the quickest routes to appointments and jobs. You can log in from any computer, tablet or phone at any time. This means that you do not have to be office bound to monitor your vehicles- and can monitor them whilst out and about and can even check in on them from your home computer/tablet in the evening. There’s no limit to how many devices can be logged in at one time, so you can have multiple members of staff monitoring the fleet any time.

A GPS tracker mapping panel


Your history section of your mapping panel will record the full journeys and activities of your fleet. You will be able to easily see how many miles are traveled for any time frame, the speed of your vehicles and any deviations from the allocated route.

For each of your vehicles, you will have a full report available every day. You can isolate specific time frames, enabling you to work out the distance travelled; and all history is stored indefinitely for you to review at any time. You can generate and download any reports that you need with just a few clicks!

Both PDF and Excel download options are available and the tracking data is laid out in a way that is easy for anyone to understand.


In the History section of each GPS tracking device, you will be able to isolate any time frame (hours, days, weeks, months, years) to see the distance covered during that period- in either miles or kilometers.


A major concern for anyone who provides staff with company vehicles is not being able to know if they are using the vehicle for purposes that breach the allocated use.

Many companies have suspicions when staff members are taking longer to complete a task than expected- however it is difficult to prove or disprove your suspicions without firm evidence.

Being able to see the exact location of your vehicles throughout the whole day (and night) will very quickly help you take action if vehicle privileges are being abused.

Geo fences will also raise your attention to any of your vehicles detouring from their routes or any use outside of work.


Let’s not forget one of the most common and effective uses of GPS trackers. Being able to see where your vehicles are 24/7, and in the event of theft, being able to track in live time, seeing exactly where they have been taken can be the difference between retrieving your vehicle quickly or never seeing it again!

Setting up geo fences will give you an instant alert if any of your vehicles are moved from a location without permission.

As business owners know, it is not just the theft of the vehicle that causes problems. The knock on effect of having a vehicle off the road can be extremely damaging to a company. It may mean that a member of staff is now not able to work and you are having to cover their wages. There may also be customer commitments that will not be honoured, costing your company money, good will and possibly negatively impacting your brands image.


From your panel, you can see live traffic reports on your map. You will see levels of congestion indicated, and the routing feature allows you to co-ordinate alternative routes.

Again, this is information that you would not have had access to without a GPS system in place. It very stressful and concerning for companies when they have vehicles deployed, but have very little control or knowledge of their whereabouts from one minute to the next.

Having the ability to assess, monitor and evaluate any area of your business will always lead to more efficiency, and more money being saved AND earned.

It stands to reason that the more control you have over your fleet and staff will directly lead to a much more efficient environment; and as the weeks and months roll on you will really start to reap the rewards.

Even if you do not need to meticulously monitor your vehicle/staff activity in real time every day, having a GPS system in place allows you to evidence any unauthorised activity, add security and improve driver behaviour of your company’s property.

The only regret you will have is that you will wish you had deployed GPS trackers for your vehicles a lot sooner!

Take a look at the ProFleetman car and van tracker

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