If you use vehicles as part of your business then you’re most likely already aware of the logistics issues that you can face when staff are out on the road.
Trying to monitor their locations and arrival times is time consuming and, more of than not, ineffective.
Frustratingly, it is very difficult to book in appointments as they come in throughout the day, as you can not be confident as to which staff will be available and at what times.

The good news is that it has never been easier to utilise GPS Van trackers for your business.
The use of GPS Trackers for vans, cars and all company vehicles is common place in today’s economy. This is due to how affordable it is, how easy they are to install/deploy and crucially, how much money they help you earn and save!


In 2018 Trackershop have already seen more companies than ever taking advantage of the efficiency and increased profit margins that our GPS trackers for vans, cars and assets have helped them achieve.


Whether you opt for the easy to install ProFleetman Hardwired Tracker or any of our portable magnetic GPS tracker range, your company will benefit from slicker day to day operations and healthier earning potential.
Here are just some of the ways that your company will benefit from van trackers, regardless of the industry that you operate in.


Implementing GPS tracking for your vehicles to help reduce fuel usage alone will significantly increase your margins long term. You will quickly be able to identify poor route planning or any deviations from scheduled routes and appointments.




Fuel and staff wages/overtime are some of the biggest non-fixed overheads that a business can face. With GPS Van trackers on your company vehicles you will be able to very quickly see if staff are spending more time on the road than needed. A common issue for businesses is staff deviating from routes or taking longer than needed to in order to meet appointments. Another issue is the use of company vehicles out of work hours. GPS Trackers on your vehicles will very quickly uncover any unnecessary vehicle usage.




Simply being able to ‘get more done’, accommodate more customers, cut down the miles on the road, all whilst offering a slick and efficient service should be at the forefront of all businesses priorities.
With GPS trackers in your vans you will be able to organise your mobile workers in-field simply and effectively. You can take last minute bookings, knowing if you have a driver near by, update customers with arrival times, as well as re-route any drivers that you can see are approaching traffic delays.



Your user friendly private mapping platform can be viewed from any internet enabled device, so you do not have to stay in one place to manage your team. The Trackershop app means that you can see your entire fleet from any where whilst you’re on the move. In addition to this, the main mapping portal is html based, meaning you do not need to download software to the computer that you are using. You simply visit www.login.trackershop.com. You can do this from any computer, laptop and tablet, as you will have your own private log in details to your panel.
This makes monitoring your fleet easier and less restricting than ever.


As well as adding to efficiency and profit margins, GPS van trackers will also ensure further security of your vehicle and safety for your staff.
Having multiple vehicles stored over night in one or multiple locations means that you are extremely vulnerable to theft of your assets. The knock on effect of a vehicle being taken is not only the cost of the vehicle, it’s the time frame that you have staff off of the road and the drawn out inconvenience of claiming insurance and replacing the vehicle. This is time taken away from the running of your business.
Your GPS trackers allow you to set geo fences around any area that you are storing your vehicles. As soon as the GPS tracker enters or leaves this zone you (and up to 3 contacts) will be instantly alerted via text/email.



Most important….


Being able to provide precise arrival times for deliveries and appointments as well as being able to accommodate last minute service requirements for customers is essential when needing to differentiate yourself from the competition.
Being pro-active when meeting customer needs will both set you apart from competitors, increase your earning ability and most important, leave your customers happy and satisfied.
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