The Best Wearable GPS Tracker

Trackershop have been working with schools, charity groups and care homes throughout the UK for several years to ensure a higher level of location safety for vulnerable individuals of any age and condition.

With the major hazards that come from wandering behaviour, only the best wearable GPS tracker is acceptable when it comes to the protection of vulnerable loved ones. Therefore the Guardian Pro Attachable GPS Tracker has quickly become an essential safety requirement for so many individuals and those who care for them, offering safety, independence and peace of mind.

Whether you are responsible for the welfare of a young child with autism or a family member with Dementia, locational safety is vital, due to the nature of these conditions typically leading to ongoing wandering behaviour.

The ability to pin point where someone is in an emergency is critical and can mean the difference between a safe and speedy response or serious injury (or even worse). Knowing you can monitor all of this through an app on your phone makes life so much easier too.
However, as anyone that has cared for an individual with tendencies to wander/become disorientated and lost may know, the individual is not always wiling to carry their tracking device or may even forget it at times.
Trackershop have been in constant close contact with parents, family members and organisations to help develop a solution that will significantly increase the chance that vulnerable individuals will have their GPS tracker with them in an emergency.


Introducing The Guardian Pro GPS Tracker for those who wander.

The Guardian Pro GPS Tracker is the perfect combination of highly advanced GPS tracking tech, user-friendly functionality and affordability. Most important, however, is the fact that the design of this small tracking device for vulnerable people heightens the chance that they will actually have their tracker with them in an emergency situation! After all, a GPS tracker for safety is only as useful as it’s ability to be with the vulnerable person at all times.


As all of us that are responsible for someone who tends to wander or bolt may know, introducing something new to them can sometimes be met with a level of resistance. This may be a sensory issue or even simply a matter of stubbornness or pride.


The design of the Guardian Pro takes away any responsibility for the wearer, as it can be attached directly to clothing, garments or bags. Importantly it is small and lightweight enough for it to be worn without causing discomfort and can even potentially go undetected.


The Guardian Pro is also a very small tracking device and can be concealed or worn out of line of sight, avoiding potential embarrassment for image conscious kids or adults who are worried about how others may perceive them if they carry a safety device.


What also makes the Guardian Pro the best wearable GPS tracker are the multiple key safety functions; instantly improving locational safety and increasing independence as well as peace of mind.

However, perhaps the most important aspect is how the Guardian Pro is carried by the individual.
The revolutionary magnetic pinning mechanism means that The Guardian Pro can be attached safely and securely direct to any clothing or bag.
This crucially means that this wearable GPS tracker will always be with the individual in critical situations.

The magnetic pins stay in position until you then release them with your portable detacher pen (included).

The Guardian Pro GPS Tracker also has a keyring attacher, to give extra options as to how the individual carries their tracking device.
Knowing that they will always have their wearable GPS tracking device with them means that you can rest assured you will always be able to react quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency. This can crucially increase their freedom and sense of independence, as well as peace of mind for you.
You can have as much involvement as you need to in your vulnerable family member’s day.


Nearly half of children with Autism will wander or bolt from locations where they feel uncomfortable.
With instant alerts coming straight through to your phone in an emergency, you can react to this straight away.


As a concerned parent you can check in at any time with your child’s live location, see your child’s full journey activity and even use your app to pin point their exact location when collecting them from school or clubs.
If you are using the Guardian Pro GPS tracker to protect an infirm relative with dementia, then you may not need to monitor their every movement on a daily basis, but can use the safety alerts on your phone to let you know when you need to react quickly.
In both instances, receiving live tracking directly through your app means that you will be able to find them instantly and avoid any danger that they may face.
If the individual is travelling somewhere alone you can follow their route on your app to ensure that they arrive safely and that they do not deviate or become lost.


As a parent you can even see when the school bus is arriving or where your child is when collecting them from school or clubs. Less hanging around!


This small GPS tracker can be pinned on to clothing, on the inside of pockets and in any bag/luggage. The size and lightweight design means that it will not effect the wearers daily routine or limit any activity.


For such a small GPS Tracker, the Guardian Pro is very extremely endurable and can achieve 3-5 days of battery life between charges.


In an emergency you can live track as quickly as every 5 seconds, allowing you to react quickly, confidently and effectively.


You can review any date, time and journey to ensure that no deviations are taken from planned routes. You can also monitor for any patterns of repeat areas that the tracker has been visiting.


Safety zones are virtual fences that you set up on your mapping panel. You can set up as many zones as you need to in order to ensure safer day to day activity.
An example of a useful safety zone will be to set one on the map around the individual’s home.
You can then receive instant alerts when the person enters and/or leaves home. This can be important when you are concerned that they may get lost when they are out, so you can be instantly alerted when they return. It is also important if they tend to randomly leave the home during the middle of the night or at unexpected times. In emergency situations that need a quick response, receiving instant notification to your phone can be life saving.


Your Guardian Pro GPS Tracker has a pre-installed multi-roaming SIM inside. This means that it will automatically roam on to the strongest network in any area. You can also take your tracking device abroad as the SIM will automatically roam on to the local network of any country that you visit- at no additional cost!


For an individual who tends to need extra daily support, having the added safety that the Guardian Pro Attachable GPS Tracker brings will allow that vital extra bit of freedom that they need. The peace of mind for family members that these wearable trackers brings can be just as life changing for everyone involved.

You can see further information about the Guardian Pro Attachable GPS Tracker here.

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