Motorcycle GPS Trackers – Security Against Theft

Motorcycle and scooter theft is on the rise


In the UK, more motorbikes are now being stolen than cars every day. In fact, recent figures indicate that a motorbike is stolen from it’s owner as frequently as every 20 minutes!
The reasons are simple and clear:
Bikes are smaller and easier to manoeuvre. They can be rolled or lifted in to the back of a van quickly and gone from the scene in seconds.
They are easily shipped abroad en masse, or stripped down for parts.


More worryingly still is the fact that the chance of you recovering your stolen bike is slim. For every 5 bikes stolen, only 2 are ever recovered. This means the advantage is very much with the thieves- and also meaning that they have a true incentive to continue targeting bikes.
Needless to say it’s a worrying time to be a motorbike or scooter owner at the moment!
However, all is not lost as there are several ways to fight back against bike theft and further protect your asset. The most effective of these is a GPS motorcycle tracker.

It is important to ensure that you are doing all that you can to safeguard your property. Below are just a few suggestions from Trackershop of what you can do today:


Bike locks: The more secure your bike looks, the less appealing it will be to thieves. Disk locks and chain locks are time consuming to break off, so will hopefully mean thieves will avoid bikes with visible locks present. Use several different variations for maximum effect, and try to incorporate parts of the bike that are time consuming to remove.


Please be aware that many thieves tend to have areas marked where they know bikes are kept regularly. They therefore may re-visit locations again and again, waiting for a chink in the armour of any bike locks.
When using bike locks, make sure that you use them every time that you leave your bike! You never know who is watching or when they might strike.


Property mark: You can now have your more expensive and targeted bike parts stamped with the bike’s registration number or even your postcode. This helps identify ownership and can deter limit thieves as to where/how they sell on your bike or the parts themselves.
However, this alone is not a perfect solution, as some thieves will only discover any marks AFTER they have stolen your motorbike. Also, when shipping abroad, bike markings are less of a concern for thieves.


Motorcycle GPS Trackers:
GPS trackers are now used as both a monitoring and security system for all vehicles, bikes or assets.
The combination of security features and location accuracy means a quick response and recovery to any situation involving someone taking your bike without authorisation.

Motorcycle GPS trackers provide:

Real-time Tracking
Trackershop GPS Motorcycle Trackers use GPS, GLONASS as well as multi-roaming data SIMs to achieve the most accurate live location and strongest signal coverage available. The Trackershop app means that, when you’re away from your bike, you can see your bike’s location 24/7 from your phone.


Zone Alerts
With your motorcycle tracker you can set as many geo fences (zones) as you need. From where you store your bike over night, to where you park your bike during the day. Whether this is a private garage, a communal parking bay or a public car park, you can set your virtual zone to alert your phone instantly if your bike is moved from this area at any time.
Motion Detection
If your just visiting a shop quickly, or heading in to a cafe you can ‘Arm’ your tracking device to send you an instant message if someone moves your bike.
This is useful for areas that you do not regularly visit or if you are only stopping for a short time and do not want to set up a new zone.


Peace of Mind
As a bike owner, you are very proud of your asset and want to enjoy it without the burden of worry hanging over your any time your bike is out of your sight.
Being able to see your bike’s position just by clicking your phone app whilst at work, in a meeting or even just sat in your own living room is the reassurance that you need and deserve.


A bike tracker (such as the TS10 GPS Motorcycle Tracker) showing real time positioning is the best security option with regards to recovery.
This is because the typical behaviour of a thief is to steal the asset, but then store it in a safe place for 24-48 hours to see if anyone comes to recover it.


This is because it is never immediately obvious if there is a motorcycle tracker actually installed. Therefore, they know that, in the time that they are examining a bike for a tracker, there could already be a police response on the way to the location.


Instead of risking being caught, they will stash the bike and then revisit the hiding place. If the bike is still there upon there return, then they know that there is no bike tracker present, and they can continue the process of re-selling the bike, stripping it down, or shipping it abroad.


This is why bike recovery for those with a GPS tracker fitted is typically very quick, with the owner being reunited with their asset within just a few hours.
From scooters to high powered super bikes, no bike owners are safe from the inconvenience and violation of having their asset taken away from them.
Whether it’s organised crime group or an opportunistic thief, bikes are still high on the hit list.


Fighting back against theft with one or several of the above security methods will gradually send a message to thieves that it’s not as easy as it used to be to just take someone else’s property. As a bike owner, the feeling of violation and anger when you discover your bike has been taken can be hard to deal with. Thankfully now, protecting yourself (and your bike) from this is a reality.
For further information, take a look at Trackershop’s range of GPS Motorcycle Trackers.
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