For many, the concept of carrying a GPS tracker for gap year purposes contradicts the ‘free spirit’ ideology of travelling- particularly as a lone traveller.
However, over the years we have found that quite the opposite has proven to be true- as relatives have been more accepting and willing to grant permission to visit more obscure places, due to the added safety that carrying a small personal tracking device brings.

A big appeal of traveling (particularly on your own) is the liberating sense of freedom achieved from making spontaneous decisions and planning your next location ‘on the hoof’.

Without compromise, you can freely hop from one life changing experience to the next. You can soak in different cultures, climates, continents and time zones without having to consider others in your decision making.

What’s fantastic is that, by carrying a Gap year tracker, you can not only attain this empowering sense of mastering your own destiny, but perhaps even exceed it.

With a real-time personal tracker, friends and family back home will be able to easily keep one eye on your whereabouts through the Trackershop app, without disrupting your independence or contacting you constantly. They can see you have arrived where you are supposed to and, in an emergency, see your exact location.

Your freedom will not be jeopardised by doing this- but by NOT doing this, your safety could be!




What’s fantastic about the ProPod 4 is that it is small enough to be taken anywhere…. literally! We have seen GapYear trackers appear deep in the dense Australian outback, on fishing boats out at sea, on beaches in Thailand, travelling the entire route of the Bernina Express and even skiing in Mongolia!  Your tracker can be carried with you at all times and has a 1 week+ battery life, meaning that even in the more obscure (electric socket limited) locations you will be well protected.

No matter how incredible an experience can be, nothing should be at the expense of your safety and well being. The vastness of the planet and the whimsical romantic haze that can engulf you as a traveller can naturally lead you to some locations way out of your comfort zone- where you suddenly find yourself not know the language, understanding the culture or the dangers that come with it.

As a traveller, the sense of adventure and spontaneity of jumping in a car/plane/train last minute with some new buddies can be very appealing and plays in to the free spirit ethos of travelling. However, casually assuming that you’ll be able to inform a relative back home of your change of plans once you arrive at the new destination leaves you vulnerable if you find yourself in danger.

In a scenario where you arrive somewhere obscure, and are not able to contact home, they will at least be able to see where in the world you are! And, if you are in any danger they can alert the closest local authorities. For this purpose alone, a GPS tracker is highly effective and can be life saving!


When checking bags in at the airport for a flight, we have all experienced the anxiety of whether our belongings will turn up at the correct airport (or country) that you are landing in. As a traveller, the odds of losing your luggage are heightened by the simple fact that you will be in and out of airports as often as you are checking in to hostels!

Keeping your GPS tracking device in your bag means that you will be able to see exactly where it is when you arrive at your destination. Hopefully it will be right there with you. However if it is not, then at least you will be able to narrow down the corner of the earth that it has been sent to (a luxury thousands of travellers do not have each year!)

Also, if you are sleeping in a multi bed dorm, then concealing your tracker in your backpack means that you will be able to track it if an opportunistic thief tries to make off with it in the dead of the night. Most people will have important documents such as passports/visas in their backpacks at all times, and will have also picked up irreplaceable souvenirs from the destinations travelled to. Also, it’s reeeeeally annoying if someone steals your stuff! Your GPS tracker will help you locate it if it goes missing, and will lead the local police straight to the thief.


Your real time personal GPS tracker will not only pin point where you are at any moment, it will also save all of your journeys in it’s history! You will be able to re-trace your trip minute by minute through your history setting. This will prove to be an intriguing reminder of the corners and crevices of the world that you visited and will also help you recount to others the extent and uniqueness of your personal journey… especially if nobody believed your selfless act of helping to re-build an orphanage in Cambodia!


If you would like any more information about GPS trackers for gap year adventures then please do get in contact at any time.