For any parent, the fear of their child becoming lost or disappearing out of sight in a crowd is their worst nightmare.
However, for parents of children who are prone to wander or ‘bolt’ from a location, this nightmare can be a daily reality.

Once your children can walk independently, spending time educating them on the risk of wandering, ‘stranger danger’, as well as the dangers of open water and railway lines is paramount.
The fact will remain that any child, no matter how well informed they are, has the potential to wander if they become overwhelmed or over stimulated.
We all know that anything can happen at any time, and the fact is, for whatever reason, 140 children go missing every year. most parents will know that agonising feeling that you get when you momentarily lose visuals of your child whilst out in public. Seconds can seem like absolute days!


Nearly half of children with autism will engage in wandering behaviour. There are now more reports than ever of children with autism that have wandered from a safe environment- putting themselves in the direct line of harm and injury. It’s so important to acknowledge that autism related wandering is not a sign of poor parenting (it’s often proven a child with autism will embark in wandering activity, whereas their siblings without autism will not wander).
Wandering can be triggered by something as simple as idle curiosity or as a result of over stimulation, leading to discomfort.
Whatever the individual reason is, many children with autism tend to head towards areas of danger such as open water.

Some children are more prone to wander or ‘bolt’ than others, however as all parents know, anything can happen at any single moment.

Kids trackers have advanced so much in recent years, and have not only developed in accuracy but also in the user experience for both the child and parent.
Based on parent requests and feedback, Trackershop now provide a range of GPS trackers for autistic kids that cater to all methods of use. From watches to trackers that can be concealed in clothing, we have listed just a few recommendations below:


The Liberty is the newest and best GPS watch for kids on the market. Combining 3 safety devices in one; with live GPS tracking, 2 way calling and an SOS alert, you can monitor and control your child’s GPS watch from the app on your phone.

The GPS accuracy is fantastic and you can also set up safety zones to send you alerts if your child leaves/enters any specific location. Your child can also press the covert button, which will automatically call you if they are in trouble or lost.

You can enter as many as 10 different ‘Guardian’ numbers, to ensure that there is always someone available to respond to an SOS alert.

Another positive is that the Liberty Watch has a 48 hour fully rechargeable battery between charges, which is excellent for a GPS watch of this size and capabilities.

The GPS watch is suitable for all ages and most importantly, kids love wearing them- they were an extremely popular choice during Christmas time as presents! They are also subtle in the fact that it is not immediately obvious that the watch has a GPS function. This can be important for children who are self conscious of their condition.

If you’re looking to start introducing technology in to your children’s lives then the Liberty Watch is a perfect starting point, due to its ease of use and one button technology.


The GPS technology involved in the ProPod 4 is the absolute highest standard available. This is why the ProPod is used by police forces, care homes and for school expeditions (such as Duke Of Edinburgh) to monitor and protect vulnerable people.
As advanced as the ProPod is, it is extremely user friendly and arrives with you set up and ready to use. All you have to do is log in to your app or mapping panel on your computer or tablet. The multi-roaming SIM means that the tracker will always be operating from the strongest network in any area, and can be used abroad without needing to make prior arrangements or pay any additional charges.
The ProPod tracks in real time, as often as every 5 seconds, and is small enough to fit in pockets, bags, luggage and can even be placed in your car to monitor young driver behaviour. The ProPod has a 7-10 day battery between charges and also comes with a small pouch, to attach to belts or straps.
You can set up as many safety zones as you like, and there is an SOS button on the device for emergencies.
For a kids tracker the ProPod is perhaps the hardest working and most versatile GPS device that covers any age and use. From monitoring your toddlers at play group, to school trips abroad, all the way through to placing it in their first car to monitor their driver behaviour.


The SOS Personal Tracker is another kids GPS device that offers 2 way calling, GPS location and an SOS alarm.

Using this device couldn’t be easier! To get a location report you simply text your kids tracker from your mobile- and you will then receive a map link showing its exact location.

You can call your kid’s tracker and speak to them through the device any time. And it also features a stealth ‘one way call’ feature, that allows you to listen in to what’s happening around your child.

The SOS Personal GPS Tracker hoop fitting means it can be attached to any keyring, as well as belts, bags and luggage. You can also mount it on a lanyard to be worn around the neck.

The fact that the technology is now so much more advanced, affordable and user-friendly means that it simply makes sense to take advantage of the vital extra safety that kids GPS trackers provides.
Any parent will agree that kids are kids. More accurately, they are human beings with their own free will. Being able to protect them whilst not limiting their freedom has become all the more possible with the GPS trackers for kids that are now available.