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Over the last few years, we have been seeing a huge rise in the use of GPS car trackers in London. Whether this is to protect your personal vehicle, or to help run your small fleet, or even to monitor a driver in the family, the capital of the UK seems to be using the most GPS trackers per square mile than anywhere else.

With GPS trackers now being a part of everyday life, a major reason that Londoners are using the devices is for security and to help lower their car insurance policy.


If you own a vehicle over £60,000 or a desirable 4×4 such as a Range Rover (Britain’s most stolen vehicle) and you live in and around London and the home counties, then you will have likely been instructed by your insurance company to install a CAT 5 insurance tracker.

Unfortunately, the reason for this is the escalating car crime levels experienced in London. Sophisticated gangs of car thieves are now able to over throw the onboard computer of desirable vehicles, and simply drive them away. It can be several hours before an owner is aware of a theft, and scarily, in that time your vehicle may already be in another country!

Luckily a Thatcham approved CAT 5 car tracker will instantly alert your 24/7 control centre in the event of any unauthorised activity. The control centre will then contact you to confirm if a theft is taking place, and then immediately liaise with the police in order to retrieve your vehicle.

The recovery success rate for this is very high and this is proving to be the most effective way of counteracting car theft- especially with time being such a critical factor.

The CAT 5 is also supplied to you with DRS (Driver Recognition System) cards. The authorised driver(s) simply carry one of these small cards when using the vehicle. If your vehicle is started without the card present, an alert is immediately raised at the control centre. This is the perfect remedy to car key theft. For thieves, being able to simply steal the owners car keys can be the simplest and easiest way to drive away your vehicle without damaging it or overriding the factory fitted security.

As a result of our extensive network of Thatcham approved tracker fitters and our competitive pricing, Trackershop have quickly become the leaders in supplying and fitting GPS car insurance trackers in London.

We have engineers covering every postcode and can arrange for your tracking device to be fitted quickly at a time, date and location of your choice.

The added peace of mind of knowing that your expensive asset is safe whilst in the highest level of car crime is priceless- however, by installing a Thatcham approved CAT 5 tracker you may also see a major reduction in your car insurance policy.

Trackershop can instal car insurance trackers at every postcode in the UK. Wherever you are, if your insurance company has insisted that you need to have a tracking device fitted before they will validate your policy, then Trackershop will be able to help you.

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