CAT 5 Trackers in Birmingham

Throughout 2017 Trackershop saw a significant increase in the need for installation of CAT5 Trackers in Birmingham.
As 2018 begins to unfold it looks like this is only going to become more common for motorists with high calibre vehicles. 
The reason for the urgency of CAT 5 tracker installations is due to an escalation in the theft of vehicles of a certain value and appeal. 
London has always been a highly targeted area by organised car thief gangs. However if you live in any major city in the UK and have a vehicle with a value over £35,000 (this may vary depending on location) then it is likely that a CAT 5 tracker will be requested by your insurers when you renew your policy this year.
However, in recent months Trackershop have been arranging the installation of more CAT 5 Trackers in Birmingham than ever before.
Many motorists are finding out last minute from their car insurance providers that they need a CAT5 tracker installed; and this may also be the first time that they have been expected to meet this criteria.


The concern here is that most motorists will have either already purchased or collected their vehicle before finding out from their insurance providers that they need a CAT 5 tracker installed.
This can be quite stressful, as this may mean that your vehicle is temporarily not insured in the event of theft, leaving you extremely vulnerable.


At Trackershop, we are aware of the sleepless nights that you can experience when you have an expensive vehicle on your driveway that is not covered against theft.

This is why we offer the quickest fitting time available for CAT 5 Trackers in Birmingham.

In addition to this, Trackershop have a 100% theft recovery success rate for any CAT 6 or CAT 5 trackers installed by our engineers.



So what is a CAT 5 Tracker?
A CAT 5 tracker is the highest level of security available for your vehicle. With a fully installed CAT 5 tracker your vehicle can be located instantly anywhere in the world by the 24 hour fully staffed control room. Your CAT5 tracker has a number of vital alerts set up, all designed for the fastest possible response to an attempted theft.


This means that if anyone tries to tamper with your vehicle, start the ignition without your permission, lift/tow it away, the control centre are alerted instantly and can take immediate action.
Take a look at our range of the best CAT 5 insurance Trackers.


Your CAT 5 Tracker offers the following security features:
  • Remote Immobilisation
  • DRS (Driver Recognition System)
  • GPS and GSM tracking
  • Global coverage
  • Tow away alert
If you need further information about installing a CAT 5 tracker in Birmingham or anywhere in the UK then please do not hesitate in contacting Trackershop
Trackershop have mobile engineers who are ready to visit you, wherever and whenever convenient to fully install your Thatcham approved insurance tracker.
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