The demand for CAT 5 tracker fitting in Manchester has grown significantly in the last few years.
The rise in car theft through organised crime gangs has meant that car insurance providers are now insisting that these CAT 5 tracking units are fitted to specific types of vehicles.
Trackershop now provide the quickest CAT5 Tracker fitting in Manchester, supplying all major Thatcham Approved brands 
We’re also proud to say that Trackershop have a 100% recovery rate for vehicles stolen with a Thatcham approved tracker fitted by our engineers!


According to a report by RAC, Manchester saw a 29% rise in vehicle thefts last year.
That’s a deeply concerning statistic, with signs that it will have risen again by the end of this year.

Organised crime groups are targeting wealthier areas of Manchester, with a particular focus on Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and Range Rovers.

This is why Trackershop have seen a higher demand for CAT 5 Tracker fittings in Manchester.


Reassuringly, CAT 5 trackers are the highest level of vehicle security available, with specifically designed features to counteract theft in the quickest time.
As well as advanced Driver Recognition System, remote immobilisation and global coverage your CAT 5 tracker is monitored 24/7 by a fully staffed control centre. In the event of an alert being triggered, they are there to liaise with both you and the police to recover your vehicle immediately.


With a fully installed CAT 5 tracker your vehicle can be located instantly anywhere in the world by the 24 hour fully staffed control room.
Your CAT5 tracker has a number of vital alerts set up, all engineered to ensure the fastest possible response to an attempted theft.


Driver Recognition System
One of the most effective features to ensure a quick response to car theft is the Driver Recognition System (DRS kit).
As the vehicle owner you will be provided with a disc fob (plus an additional one for another named driver), which you carry with you when driving. This identifies you as an authorised user of the vehicle, and its important that you store your fob separately to your car key when not in use.
This is particularly important in 2018, where car key theft in Manchester is escalating considerably. Whether this is through pickpocketing or even burglary, it could be several hours before you discover your vehicle is missing!
However, with your DRS kit in place, even if thieves manage to successfully steal your keys, if they do not have the DRS fob, the control centre will be alerted instantly when your vehicle is started. This allows the Control Centre to take action within seconds.


Tow Away Alerts
Some thieves will not start your vehicle, but will try to lift it or tow it away whilst it is switched off.
With the CAT 5 tow away alert, as soon as your vehicle begins to move with the ignition off, an alert is sent straight to the Control Centre.


Remote Immobilisation
Typically, due to the multiple instant response alerts that are triggered through unauthorised use of your vehicle, it is rare that your car has not been recovered within 45 minutes. However, if the police and Control Centre do deem it necessary, they can authorise the immobilisation of the vehicle remotely.
This means that, as soon as the ignition is turned off, it will not restart and the vehicle will then stay in one place for the recovery team to move in on.
Once the vehicle is recovered, the immobilisation can be completely reversed, so your vehicle is ready to use again upon its safe return.



Through Trackershop you have the choice of all the industry’s best CAT 5 trackers for your fitting in Manchester. From Vodafone (formerly CobraTrack), to Smartrack and TrackStar, our engineers are all certified by Thatcham and approved to fit all these major brands anywhere in the country.


Over the past 18 months, insurance providers have been amending their policies to include fully monitored, Thatcham Approved Trackers as a standard requirement.
For high performance, luxury vehicles and those highly targeted for theft, the CAT 5 Thatcham Tracker tends to be the only option.


The good news is that installing a Thatcham approved tracking device means your insurance premium may be reduced heavily, and you will actually save money over the course of the year.
You can view our full range of CAT 5 Insurance Trackers here.


If you do have any questions or would like to organise an installation by speaking to a member of our team then you can call us on 02081660603.