As a Range Rover owner you have most likely heard more than enough about the high crime rate attached to the popular 4x4s. This is particularly more prominent around London and the home counties, where the levels of theft far exceed any other area of the UK.

Unfortunately there is a good reason why this is such a topic of conversation. There are now three models of Range Rover in the top 10 list of the UK’s most stolen vehicles- with the Range Rover Sport taking the number 1 spot overall.

It is a worrying time to be a Range Rover owner, as both their high value and popularity have contributed to Range Rovers becoming sitting ducks for persistent and highly skilled car thieves.

This is why insurance approved/Thatcham accredited CAT 5 trackers for Range Rovers have become a standard request by insurance companies in the last few years.

As a Range Rover owner, when you purchased your vehicle (or re-newed your insurance policy) it is likely that your insurance company asked you to install a Thatcham approved tracking device.

Even so you may still have a few questions surrounding the issue. We will do our best to answer any questions you have about why you need a Range Rover CAT 5 tracker, and which one is best for you.

Why are Range Rovers at such a high risk of theft?

Range Rovers are the most popular luxury 4×4 and can exceed £160,000 in value when purchased new. In addition to this the re-sale value is still extremely high, as they depreciate at a much lower level than most vehicles. Therefore they retain their value a lot longer, which is appealing to thieves.

They are popular throughout the world, so can be sold overseas easily. This also makes them nearly impossible to trace without a tracker, and can be in a shipping container out at sea within hours of being stolen! In this kind of scenario the chance of recovery is pretty much non-existent.


Why is my insurance company only now insisting on a CAT 5 for my Range Rover?

Developing the effectiveness of factory fitted car security is a huge ongoing priority for all car manufacturers. Over the last 30 years, there have been some incredible advancements in the levels of theft prevention security.

Alas, with each development thieves are always only a few steps behind. Using key cloning and electronic hacking technology organised car crime rings have been able to sidestep factory security and even use it to their own advantage!

With fast moving car thieves, the quickest possible response time is imperative in ensuring vehicle theft prevention and/or recovery.With a Range Rover CAT 5, any unauthorised entry, activity or tampering to your vehicle is instantly detected by our fully staffed control centres. They can react straight away, tracking your vehicle whilst liaising with the police to ensure any attempted theft is stopped in its tracks!
How do I get my Range Rover CAT 5 installed?
We are aware that you may have never heard of Thatcham CAT 5 trackers until recently. Therefore, you may not know where to start with finding the right one and how to get it installed. Insurance companies can be unhelpful with guiding you in the right direction.
Trackershop can advise you on the best Range Rover CAT 5 for you and we also take care of the fitting too. We have mobile fitters covering every UK postcode. All you need to do is let us know where and when you would like your installation and our team will take care of everything!
The fact is, there are so many positives in installing a CAT 5, and at the end of the day, this is all done to protect your vehicle and you from the inconvenience, heart ache and expense of your vehicle being stolen.
The added peace of mind and knowing that your vehicle is protected at the highest level also allows you to enjoy your luxury 4×4 every day in the way that you deserve to.


From driveways, garages, busy car parks, outside office blocks, experienced and highly skilled thieves are putting their freedom at risk to snare these expensive assets. They will not rule out any location or time of day when targeting another Range Rover. Quite simply, the factory fitted security for Range Rovers is just not enough any more.
However, the good news is that since the increased use of GPS trackers for Range Rovers, the rate of recovery has increased significantly!

Here are some of the benefits of a CAT 5 Range Rover tracker:

  • -24/7 control centre monitoring
  • -Police authorise immobilisation
  • -Level 1 police response
  • -Advanced GPS + GSM tracking technology
  • -Driver Recognition System (DRS), protecting against key theft/cloning
  • -Tamper alerts
  • -Tow away alerts
  • -Peace of mind!


With Range Rover theft being so topical and constantly being covered in the media, it is hard to escape the worry. The good news is that simply having a CAT 5 tracker installed eliminates the constant risk and worry that Range Rover owners experience. It defeats the point of having a luxury 4×4 if you spend the whole time wondering if it will still be on your driveway when you wake up the next morning. The peace of mind that comes with the protection from a CAT 5 is worth it alone.


Choosing the best CAT 5 for your Range Rover can seem a tad daunting as there are now a number of choices on the market.
It may seem difficult to differentiate the benefits of each device- however, the bottom line is that all CAT 5 trackers will have been fully tested and categorised by the Thatcham test centre. This means that the tracker will have had to pass a meticulous range of high level security tests in order to gain the CAT 5 status.
Therefore, no CAT 5 is necessarily better than the other. However, there are a few differing qualities between each one, mainly surrounding the method that you pay your subscription and the over all cost of your tracking unit.
Here are the only options that Trackershop will currently endorse:


The TrackStar Range Rover CAT 5 is well known for being recommended by Range Rover.
Many Range Rover owners take comfort in this, and the name alone also helps clarify that you are purchasing the correct unit for your vehicle.


Vodafone recently purchased CobraTrack. Anyone that has had a Thathcam accredited tracker in the past will recognise the CobraTrack name, as they have been the market leaders for over a decade.
Therefore, if you are familiar with CobraTrack and are happy with the service they have provided, then the Vodafone Protect and Connect CAT 5 is a good choice.


Smartrack have differentiated their service by offering a monthly subscription option, opposed to the more common annual payment.
If you prefer to pay monthly for your subscription then the Smartrack CAT 5 is the only tracking company currently providing this.

If you would like to discuss your options further then please do call our Trackershop team. They are available 6 days a week to advise you further on the best Range Rover CAT 5.


Alternatively you can email us any time: info@trackershop-uk.com