Car Trackers for Mercedes


With a GPS tracker for Mercedes you can relax knowing that your car is safe and secure.
Purchasing a new vehicle is always an exciting time for us all, and regardless of what vehicle you choose, they can very quickly become our pride and joy.
Mercedes are one of the most popular vehicles on the road and provide one of the most enjoyable driving experiences of any vehicle.
Unfortunately, Mercedes models are not just popular with hard working, law abiding motorists.
Figures now show that, not only is the Mercedes C Class the most stolen Mercedes model, but it was also the most stolen vehicle in the UK in 2017.


Therefore, taking extra precautions to protect your asset is an unfortunate necessity for any responsible owner.
Trackershop provide GPS trackers for Mercedes models for both insurance purposes and personal monitoring.


Because insurance providers are now making it a standard requirement to install a car tracker for Mercedes, let’s focus on the best insurance trackers for Mercedes.


The CAT 5 insurance trackers (soon to be renamed S5 trackers) is the highest level of Thatcham approved security.
Insurance providers will usually specify that you require a CAT 5 tracker for your Mercedes, based on the model, spec and/or where it is typically located on a daily basis.
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If they do not specifically name the CAT 5 tracker as a requirement, they may mention that you just need any Thatcham approved or Stolen Vehicle tracker.
If this is the case they are giving you the option to choose between a CAT 5 or the….



CAT 6 (soon to be renamed S7 trackers) are the most commonly requested insurance approved tracking devices. If your insurance provider have given you the option to choose your own device then the Smartrack Protector Pro CAT 6 tends to be the most popular model.
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Both CAT 5 and CAT 6 trackers for Mercedes offer comprehensive protection against theft, with a 24/7 control room ready to guide the police in to where the vehicle is worldwide in the event of a theft.


You can also monitor your vehicle straight from the app on your phone on a day to day basis.


As mentioned the Mercedes C Class is the most stolen vehicle in the UK (with the E-Class in fourth place).
The reasons that Mercedes are targeted for theft are quite clear- they are desirable, luxurious vehicles and command a premium price.


Organised car theft gangs have a number of sophisticated techniques to counteract any factory fitted security in more modern vehicles.


‘Relay theft’ has become a particularly popular method, due to the speedy and stealth nature of the technique.
If you’re not familiar with how Relay Theft works, it is a non-invasive keyless theft technique using basic equipment that can be easily sourced and purchased on the internet.
Thieves use a basic radio transmitter to break in to the car by over riding the locking mechanism.
Cars most at risk are those parked on driveways, as thieves can literally ‘relay’ the signal from the keys inside the home to the vehicle due to the close proximity.


The ridiculously simplistic method is quick and effective, and can be done without breaking in to the vehicle or drawing any attention to the perpetrator.
To give a numerical indication of how effective this is for thieves, 85,000 cars were stolen in 2017 and 70 per cent of these were without the car keys being taken first.

Although theft techniques for Mercedes models are becoming a lot more sophisticated, quicker and effective, the good news is that car trackers for Mercedes (and all makes/models) are the absolute best protection currently available.

This is why insurance companies are now asking so many motorists to have one installed. The fact is, they really do work.

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