Car Trackers For Ferrari


Trackershop provide all of the leading brand Thatcham stolen car trackers for insurance purposes, from Vodafone (formerly Cobra) to Smartrack and TrackStar.
Full installation at any address is included in the service and our Thatcham trained and certified Engineers cover every UK postcode. This means, no matter where you are, we will be able to install your Ferrari Tracker at home, work or even at the dealership.


If you are needing a Ferrari tracker, whether to meet insurance requirements, your own peace of mind (or both) then Trackershop come provide the full installation service in the quickest possible time.
Using a tracker for your car helps deter thieves and significantly heightens the chances of recovering your vehicle in the event of a theft.


It goes without saying that when it comes to high performance, luxury vehicles, Ferrari is synonymous with high level exclusivity.
As one of the most recognised vehicular brands in the world, there’s no questioning the level of quality and prestige that Ferrari commands.
However, like anything of high value and in high demand, the unfortunate truth is that they will  always be a target of thieves.


Car theft is extremely lucrative for professional crime gangs, who have developed intuitive and effective techniques in stealing high value vehicles- quickly and covertly.


With techniques such as relay crime and key theft, this is a worrying time for anyone that has worked hard to purchase their dream car.


The great news is that our car trackers for Ferraris can counteract any theft technique.


When it comes to protecting one of your most prized assets then only the highest level of security is good enough. The CAT 5 insurance trackers for Ferraris are by far the highest level of security available.
Indeed, the CAT 5 is the “Ferrari of car trackers”



All Ferrari CAT 5 trackers have the same level of tracking capabilities and security features. They have all been exposed to the same rigid testing methods set by Thatcham (the independent vehicle security testing organisation). This means that, in order to be classified as a CAT 5 tracker they must include the following features:
Discreet black box design
One of the positives of the small, sleek black box design is that it makes the tracking unit non-descript and covert. In addition, there is no single place where the car tracker is positioned, so thieves will always struggle to identify if a tracker is present on the vehicle. The odds of a thief either finding a car tracker or even wasting time at the scene looking for one are low. However, if they do happen to find its position and try to remove it, they will trigger the tamper alert.
Fully Monitored 24/7 Control Room.
If your vehicle is taken and/or any alerts are raised then the fully staffed control room are alerted immediately. They can access your mapping account and take immediate action based on the alert.
Tamper Alert.
If anyone tries to move the car tracker or adjust any of the wires then an instant warning alert is set off in the control room.
DRS (Driver Recognition System)
Also known as ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition), DRS is a proximity based driver identifier. You will be issued with a small fob to keep with you, identifying you as the authorised driver of the vehicle. This small tag can be placed in your bag, wallet or just carried loose in your pocket.
Anyone who tries to use your vehicle without your DRS tag present will trigger an instant alert in the control room; even if the thieves have stolen your car keys!
You will be issued with two of these tags as standard.
In the event of a theft, the police are able to give authority to the control room to remotely immobilise your vehicle. They will then secure the vehicle with the recovery team.
A security guard will stay with your vehicle until a recovery truck visits the site to collect and safely return your vehicle. It doesn’t matter where it is in the world, your vehicle will be delivered straight back to you. This is all included in your subscription, so there are no additional charges to pay.
Motion Sensor/Tow away alerts
If your vehicle is moved without the ignition on for more than 50 metres this will trigger an instant alert.
Lift alerts
An instant alert is also triggered if your vehicle is lifted on to a flat bed lorry or wheeled up a ramp in to a lorry.
Personal Tracking App
You will be able to monitor your Ferrari car tracker from your own private app.



Vodafone Protect & Connect 5
The Vodafone CAT 5 tracker for Ferraris is one of the longest standing vehicle security trackers available. Formerly under the CobraTrak banner, The Vodafone CAT 5 Ferrari tracker is monitored by Vodafone’s own control room and has a recently upgraded app for you to monitor your vehicles daily activity.


Smartrack CAT 5
The Smartrack CAT 5 is the most popular CAT 5 tracking device for Ferrari (or any make/model) in 2018. With global coverage and also with a new upgraded app for customers to view their vehicles any time, Smartrack are very much synonymous with vehicle security and customer peace of mind.
The Smartrack CAT 5 for Ferraris also offers several options for subscription payments that other companies do not provide.
Smartrack monitoring service subscription options:
Monthly :            £12.49
Annual :              £149
of Ownership :   £399
If you have been asked by your insurers to install a stolen vehicle tracker for your Ferrari but do not need the full features offered above then the CAT 6 tracker will be the one for you.
Learn more about the CAT 6 Tracker.
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