Car Trackers in Cardiff

Trackershop have seen a significant increase in the fitting of insurance approved car trackers in Cardiff.
In the last few years car insurance companies have become more strict on the need of monitored tracking devices being installed in vehicles. With the increase in sophisticated car theft techniques these trackers are the most effective way in protecting your vehicle. Therefore, many car insurance providers will NOT ensure the vehicle against theft until a car tracker has been installed.


Trackershop’s mobile installation team cover the whole of the UK, so no matter where you are we can typically have an engineer with you within 1-3 working days.


With 248 car related crimes reported in the Cardiff area last month alone, it’s understandable that both insurance companies and responsible motorists are worried about how vulnerable their vehicles currently are.
Not only are insurance providers now insisting that many vehicle models must have a car tracker fitted in Wales (Cardiff in particular) and the surrounding area, but motorists are now getting trackers fitter whether its an insurance requirement or not.


Due to the increase in certain organised vehicle theft techinques, insurance approved car trackers (also known as Thatcham approved trackers) have very quickly become the most effective method of vehicle security available.


If you’ve never had an insurance approved car tracker before it can be a bit confusing knowing which one to choose to ensure it complies with your insurance policy.


Your insurance provider may have told you that you just need:
  • Monitored tracker
  • Thatcham Approved
  • Insurance Approved
  • CAT 5
  • CAT 6
Here’s some further info to help you choose the correct one for your policy and your needs.


(Soon to be renamed the S7 tracker)
Having a CAT 6 car tracker fitted in Cardiff is something that most motorists in the area will have been instructed to do when taking out a new policy or renewing their existing one.


The Smartrack CAT 6 tracker is especially popular. Manufactured and monitored in the UK, the Smartrack CAT 6 has comprehensive and effective features in place to ensure protection for your vehicle and a speedy recovery if the worst ever happens.
Some of the CAT 6 Tracker features:
-Motion alert
-Tamper alert
-24/7 Monitoring service
-Level 1 police response
-Free app for you to monitor


Take a look at our full range of CAT 6 insurance trackers
(Soon to be renamed the S5 tracker)
The CAT 5 tracker is the highest level of vehicle security available anywhere.
With the features of a CAT 6, but with additional police authorised immobilisation and DRS (Driver Recognition System), the CAT 5 tracker ensures the quickest response time to any unauthorised use of your vehicle.
DRS protects against key theft or if the ignition is started by a thief in any way. As the owner, you will have a small identifying fob with you when you enter your vehicle.
If anyone starts the vehicle at any time without this fob, an instant alert is triggered at the control room. They are then able to take the necessary action if a theft is taking place.


The CAT 5 Trackers offer the same service as the CAT 6
With the addition of these features:
Police authorise immobilisation 
DRS (Driver Recognition System)
Take a look at our full range of CAT 5 insurance trackers 
All Thatcham approved trackers fitted by Trackershop have a 100% recovery rate, and we also offer the quickest fitting time in all areas of the UK.


If you would like to find out more about having a car tracker fitted in Cardiff (or any where in the UK) then contact us any time on 0330 055 2777
or email info@trackershop-uk.com any time.