When a relative develops Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, finding a balance between independence and safety can be challenging.
Particularly during the early stages of such conditions, the majority or individuals may spend 95% of their time carrying on with their normal routines.
However, recent studies reveal that at least 6 out of 10 individuals with Dementia will wander and become disorientated at some point.
This is why GPS trackers for dementia patients have become so important to individuals, their families carers and care homes.


Although at this time we are still a long way from finding a cure for dementia, maintaining a regular daily routine is becoming more achievable for both the individual and those responsible for their safety. There are products, charities and services available in the community to ensure the best quality of life.

However, safety is by far the most important factor in such circumstances. This is why dementia trackers are proving to be the first and most important purchase to help those prone to wander.

Keeping a loved one safe can sometimes be almost as traumatic for the loved ones involved. Many elderly individuals will live several miles away from their family. They may not want or need to re-locate, as they are not at a stage where they need additional outside care.

With a GPS tracker, you are able to monitor their safety without disrupting their routine or intruding on their privacy.



The best GPS tracker for dementia is the ProPod 4. The ProPod has a 7-10 day battery between charges and can be controlled remotely from the Trackershop app, meaning the person carrying the tracker never needs to do anything other than keep it with them.


Here are just a few of the vital safety benefits that the ProPod features:

1. Real-time GPS Tracking

The ProPod reports its position in real-time as frequently as every 5 seconds! You can see the tracker’s position and movements on your app any time you need to. This can be life saving, as the longer an individual is missing for, the higher chance there is that they will become injured.

With the free Trackershop app, there is no limit to the amount of family members and carers that can log in to monitor the GPS tracker’s position from their phone.

2. Safety Zones

When a person is disorientated, lost or wanders, being able to take immediate action to find them is imperative.
Many individuals have been known to wander from their home at night, meaning that their absence can go undetected for several hours- maybe longer!
Safety Zones allow you to place a virtual safety fence around any location of any size. When the tracker enters/leaves the zone you will receive a text and/or email instantly letting you know.
There are no limits to how many zones you can set, with the most popular options being around the home, care home, community centre etc.
Up to 3 different people can receive the instant alerts, maximising the chance of a quick response to a highly dangerous situation.
This feature, combined with the real-time tracking, will make the difference between someone in distress being noticed instantly, or dangerously going several stressful hours in potential danger.

3. SOS Button

If the person carrying the ProPod suddenly becomes disorientated they can simply press the SOS button on the front of the tracker.
Many older people do not carry mobile phones, and if they find themselves disorientated, might not be able to use them in the moment.
With the SOS button, like the zone alerts, you can set up to 3 phone numbers/emails to receive the message to ensure someone will be able to react immediately.
When you receive an SOS message you will be able to locate them through the map on your Trackershop app.
These are just a few of the important security features that the ProPod will provide. Any one of these can make a huge difference should the worst happen.
This is why a dementia GPS tracker is perhaps the most important safety device for a person prone to wander.
The additional peace of mind that it will bring to family, loved ones and carers is also absolutely priceless.
You can learn more about the ProPod 4 GPS tracker.
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